Hearing evaluation, also known as hearing test, assesses the function of the hearing system and determines the type and severity of hearing loss. Hearing is the process of sound traveling through the outer, middle, and inner ear, up the auditory nerve to the brain where it is processed. This occurs when the sounds are collected in the ear canal, causing the eardrum (tympanic membrane) to vibrate. This puts the middle ear bones (malleus, incus, and stapes) into motion sending the sounds to the inner ear where the hearing organ is located (cochlea). The cochlea then turns the sounds into electrical impulses that travel up the auditory nerve to the brain where the sounds are processed. When there is a problem with any part of this system, it can cause hearing loss.

At Quail Creek Ear, Nose, & Throat Center, we offer diagnostic hearing evaluations for all ages from infants to adults. Diagnostic hearing evaluations give important information about your hearing loss to help determine the best course of action for treatment. The results of your hearing evaluation will be reviewed with you the day of your appointment by either one of our ENT physicians or licensed audiologists.




Do I need previous musical knowledge?

Not at all! Anyone with any level of musical experience can start playing with the PENTA™ method. There are no prerequisites other than reading English. The most important thing is your motivation to persist, play and progress.

Do I need a special keyboard or piano?

You will have to purchase (not from us) a standard piano or a 61-keys keyboard. A simple keyboard will cost about $100-200 and is perfectly suited for initial learning.

Is the course really free?

Yes! Our course books are completely free now and forever. With the course books alone, you can start playing and even writing beautiful songs using the PENTA™ language. We also offer songs and songbooks in PENTA™ format for purchase at a very reasonable price.

Why learn PENTA™ instead of using traditional sheet music?

PENTA™ is much easier to learn than standard sheet music. Learning to play will take you much less time than using the traditional methods. Despite its simplicity, the music that you will play will amaze the listeners.

What is the main obstacle in playing the piano and how does PENTA™ solve it?

Undoubtedly, playing different things with both hands, in a synchronized way, is the main obstacle for playing the piano. PENTA™ is an ingenious way that greatly simplifies the left-hand action, which accompanies the right-hand melody. Instead of learning complicated scores for the left hand, you learn a few basic rules and you are on your way to sound great!

So how do I start?

You can choose between registering to our free online course (recommended) or downloading the eBooks and learning yourself (or combining both).
For the online course we use Teachable (R) which is a great tool. You can progress at your own pace, read the text, watch videos and listen to audios.
For downloading the eBooks, simply click on one of the Get it now or Get the course book keys and you will be directed to a small registration form which will let us email you the links for free downloads of the eBooks. The eBooks will tell you all you need to know in order to start playing! Follow our updates for more exciting news.

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