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Our licensed audiologists are trained in fabricating ear mold impressions to be sent off for custom ear molds. Here at Quail Creek Ear, Nose, & Throat Center we provide many different hearing protection options:

Custom hearing protection designed to provide protection in a variety of settings.

  • Available in multiple colors.

  • Styles specific for concerts and Motorsports


Custom swim plugs designed to keep water out of the outer ear canal. Great for water sports, individuals with PE tubes, and frequent outer ear infections from water (swimmer’s ear).

  • Available in multiple colors.

  • Made from special material that is designed to float.

Shooter plugs designed to provide protection from the loud sounds from guns while either hunting or shooting at the range. 

  • Available in multiple colors.

  • Option for filtered plug to allow environmental awareness and communication while hunting.


Sleep plugs designed to provide noise reduction while sleeping and allows for uninterrupted rest.

  • Available in multiple colors.

  • Small size for optimal comfort in ear canal.


Digital hearing protection designed to suppress loud shots while enhancing quieter sounds.

  • Available in multiple colors.

  • Option for multiple programs.


Bluetooth headphones custom earpiece with Bluetooth cable to connect to any Bluetooth compatible device

  • Available in multiple colors


Many other custom options are available. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today!

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